In our time of internet shopping, outsourcing, and bargain pricing, Service is playing a more important role than ever. A business that provides Service as well as a product gives the customer a value that is unmatched by any warehouse or website.

Services are provided in many ways.

A face to face transaction, personal attention, customization, home delivery, set-up, guarantees, installation, consultations, and customer care are all services that bring value.

Having a person to help you before, throughout, and after a business transaction is necessary these days to ensure satisfaction, quality, and comfort. If issues arise at anytime during the process, the vendor should be available and ready to help remedy the situation.

Loon Mountain Rustics sells a complete line of home furnishings, however also provides all of the services listed, as well as others to ensure an easy, comfortable, and satisfying transaction.

Please browse through some services listed here and give us a call, or email anytime to discuss anything in more detail.

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