Interior Design

Loon Mountain Rustics offers a unique shopping experience to any potential client interested in home furnishing.

Furnishing a home can be a daunting task, often overwhelming when trying to choose different pieces, coordinate colors and fabrics, design room layouts that will ensure proper fit and function, and decide between the various items available.

This all needs to be done in a timely manner, while keeping within a certain budget.

The homeowner is also often unavailable on a regular basis due to work schedules, time constraints, and travel inconveniences. There often isn’t a clear understanding of all options available for each item need whether its bedroom furniture, lighting, or accessories. Prices are often hard to pinpoint and quality and style is not always understood.

These obstacles, however, do not have to create any additional stress, slow the process, or create any additional expense to the client.

Loon Mountain Rustics has created a design process that eliminates these constraints and allows the client to choose the exact pieces that are right for them, ensuring satisfaction in all areas. The end result is a home furnished with the perfect pieces, to specification, with the least amount of hassle and added costs.

The Process Usually Follows These Guidelines:

  • Initial Meeting: Usually here at the shop or on the Phone. Discuss high level aspects of the project: space to be furnished, types of items needed, style, timeframe, budget, etc.
  • Meeting in Home: An in-home walk through is the next step in the process. Understanding the space to be furnished, taking appropriate measurements, discussing options while in each room, learning about functionality, layout and style, etc. This is a free consultation with no obligation, however necessary to the process and the first crucial step to creating a design plan.
  • Initial Design Portfolio: Based on the information gathered from the initial meeting and walk through, Loon Mountain Rustics will design an online portfolio with ideas, pictures, sizes, styles, and links to appropriate websites that can be browsed at leisure. The portfolio can also include ballpark pricing to ensure an understanding of budget.
  • Client Feedback: After reviewing the ideas in the portfolio, the client should start narrowing down items and choosing pieces that fit their expectations. Q&A can take place anytime, and options are narrowed down per room.
  • Specifications: Certain specs should be decided after initial pieces are chosen. Color, finish, style, and fabrics should be chosen. Loon Mountain Rustics will make suggestions create color schemes, provide fabric samples, and coordinate ideas to fit specifications. Ordering / Shipping / Delivery times should be discussed in more detail.
  • Estimate: An estimate can now be developed and sent over for review.
  • Order: Payment provided and an order is made
  • Shipping / Delivery: Loon Mountain Rustics will accept and inspect all items to ensure there are no defects, damages, or flaws. We will coordinate with builders appropriately if necessary and set up time for delivery and setup. Shipping direct to any location is always an option and can be discussed at any time as well. LMR provides in-home setup with all deliveries and ensures satisfaction before leaving the premises.

Please Email, Call, or Stop by anytime to discuss this process in more detail.

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